Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Risking Eternity by Voirey Linger

Voirey says

Seeley, thanks for having me on your blog! 

I love this place and all the skin it flashes, but then I have a penchant for skin, male and female. I think the human body is a beautiful thing and the more skin I see the better. Somehow I don't think this will shock anyone who knows me.

When I got my cover the first thing I noticed was pants. Yes pants. I'd had my heart set on a naked angel. I even gave them this beautiful image to share the general idea.

I probably should have specified it. 

Well, my cover did end up with a lot of yummy skin showing, and seeing Dominicus, my hero, in person (so to speak) gave me a thrill. I love a well-formed chest and this angelboy has that in spades.

Next time I want full-on naked. I'm going to ask for it specifically. Something that will make little old ladies titter and gasp. Because naked is beautiful.

For two hundred years, Dominicus has lived in isolation, sentenced to take human souls to hell. But this night’s victim is unlike all the others. She tempts him. One kiss and she comes apart in his arms. One taste, and he can’t walk away.

But Maggie isn’t the only temptation he faces. Dominicus fights an attraction to Renatus, his best friend through the eons and a male with whom sex is forbidden. With her, he risks Hell, with him, losing the only piece of Heaven he has left.


And Seeley says:

You know, the first thing I noticed was his pants as well, but not for the same reason. I, um, didn't think that was a belt buckle.


  1. lOL Seeley.

    honestly, first thing I noticed was his chest, shoulders and arms. I didn't even get to the fact that he was wearing pants!

  2. That had to be one of the best covers ever. Completely gorgeous.

  3. I confess I thought the same as Seeley. My mind just loves the gutter :)

  4. lol, he needs a bigger buckle. :) It's a gorgeous cover.

  5. I seem to end up with guys with impressive... buckles. LOL