Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BIG Temptation by Robin L. Rotham

  Damn, this woman can write, and damn that's a lot of skin on the cover. 
(and I jsut figured out how to resize images, so I made it huge. Huge! that's what she said)
From the lady herself: 

When I submitted my cover request for BIG Temptation, I didn't make a lot of specific requests. Only two, really. First, I asked for the man's face to be partially hidden because Barrett, the hero, has scars on the upper part of his face and wears heavy glasses, and I figured there would be no good way to portray that on a sexy cover. Second, I asked for all skin -- no clothing.  I was determined that there be truth in advertising the story. There's a lot of hot sex in BIG (and I do mean A LOT) and I wanted it to be patently obvious with a single glance at the cover. I think the only other clue I gave the cover artist was that there was an almost unacknowledged Dominance/submission element to the story, and that while Barrett was sexually dominant, he ultimately broke, and Jillian, the more submissive partner, turned out to be the strong one.

When I first saw the cover, I wasn't sure how to react. It's so extremely sexual, I actually blushed to see my name on it. And yet it fits the story more beautifully than I could have imagined.  Their first love scene ends with them in a similar position, and over the course of the story, Barrett forces Jillian to not just acknowledge but revel in her own sexuality. The cover is a perfect portrayal of their relationship -- I love that, while he's in the dominant position, Barrett's actually hiding, whereas Jillian is open and vulnerable to him in every way.

A few potential readers at signings have passed it up with a regretful, "I'd love to read it, but I couldn't be seen with a cover like that in my hands." This was the risk I took when I requested a nude cover, and I knew it. While women are getting more adventurous in their reading, most of us aren't so willing to display our adventurousness with nudie covers on the train or in the park, especially when we have kids underfoot. Maybe I'll start keeping a handful of book covers on my table at signings... *grin*

You can read an excerpt of and review quotes from BIG Temptation here: http://robinlrotham.com/ex-big.html.  The reasonably priced digital version is available at Ellora's Cave http://www.jasminejade.com/pm-6775-228-big-temptation.aspx, but there are also print and digital versions available at Amazon.


  1. Nice! The fabulous Robin Rotham delivers again. I need to be alone now...*G*

  2. Maybe you should offer a plain slip cover for the prudish amongst us?

    Personally I wouldn't mind reading that in public *thinks of the chat up lines that might follow ;)*

  3. Thanks, Eden. Have fun. :D

    Ilona, when I sign BIG at conferences like RWA and RT, the men who pass by do a HUGE double-take, stop dead in their tracks, and grin from ear to ear. Well, except for the one man who frowned sanctimoniously. I hate to admit it, but either response makes me blush.

  4. And I forgot to say, thank you, Seeley, for featuring BIG. It was, and I think it will always be, the book of my heart.

  5. Holy moly, and WOWZA!
    Is this a Syneca cover?

  6. Dalton, the cover artist is listed as Dar Albert. Not sure who that is, but I love him/her!